How to manage your Veggie Harvest Bundle subscription

The Veggie Harvest Bundle is a vegetable subscription service where you get a personalised, curated box of organically grown veggies delivered to your home every week. All the vegetables are sourced from local farmers who grow seasonal crops. Apart from taking away the hassle of vegetable shopping every week, this is a great way to try out new and interesting veggies in your diet.

The Veggie Harvest Bundle has a large selection of vegetables available. To ensure that you get a good selection every week, there are a few tricks tat you can employ.

The love/hate list

This is the key to putting together a good bundle. Actively tweaking items on this list will tell the packing team exactly what you like and dislike. Here’s how you can use it

The Hate List

Start with the hate list. Start by adding items that you definitely do not like and would never cook with. Once this is done, now look at your weekly preferences. For eg. If you have been eating a lot of beetroot and would like to take a break from it, add it to your hate list so that the packers know to leave that out of your bundle.

The Love list

Tweaking the love list is the key to adding variety to your harvest bundle. Into this list, you can add veggies that you either love or some veggies that you would like to try out. Make sure to regularly keeping checking the inventory of items as things go in and out of season and the inventory keeps changing.

Additional Tweaking

Apart from this is you have any particular preferences like dietary restrictions etc, you can get in touch with the customer care and they will add a note to your subscription for the packing team to keep in mind. You can contact customer care at 080-47091764 or email them at [email protected] or on Whatsapp at 9606712111

Your Veggie Harvest Bundle is what you make of it. As long as you keep tweaking the Love/Hate lists and fine tuning your preferences, you can ensure that your get an ideal selection of veggies.

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