Jobs in Agriculture


Agriculture makes up a big chunk of Indian Business. The people involved in this sector are very well aware of what to produce and where to sell. There are various sectors in agriculture where the youth of today can find their potential future career. We are jotting down a few below.

1.Agricultural Communications

This wing basically allows the organizations to create and distribute designs providing communication solutions. People working here design news, brochures, books, manuals etc for the organizations.

Therefore, through this medium, they reach out to the various stakeholders and address the many issues around agricultural.

Some Job Titles In This Field:  Account manager, Market news reporter, Regional sales manager, Advertising Specialist, Farm news reporter, Marketing communications manager, Public relations representative.

2. Agricultural Education

Students who have a degree in science are ideal for this field. They can step in this zone with teaching as a career.  Here they can teach various subjects of horticulture, biotechnology, environmental and natural resources, animal science, agricultural mechanics etc.

Various development and implementation techniques of agriculture are taught under the supervision of these teachers.

Some Job Titles In This Field: Soil conservationist, Education specialist, Education Supervisor, Extension advisor, Farm manager.

3. Agricultural Economics

This section of agriculture is a mix of finance, farming operations, and business administration. It is mandatory for the candidates to have a graduate degree. This field focuses on public policies around agriculture, biotech business, and the environment.

Hence, this sphere offers a wide range of career opportunities.

Some Job Titles In This Field: Agricultural lender, Grain broker, Food distribution manager, Agricultural policy analyst, Farm and land appraiser, Insurance agent, Resource economist consultant.

4. Animal Sciences

Candidates intending to opt for this segment can easily go for academic teaching and research in laboratory research programs with public and private sectors, corporations abroad, and in managerial jobs in industries or institutions. A degree in animal sciences is mandatory for students wanting to pursue a career in this field. The field of Biotech also offers a wide array of career opportunities to animal scientists.

Some Job Titles In This Field: Farm management, Livestock production manager, Stable management, Veterinarian, Feed sales/management, Animal scientist, Ranch/farm hand, Livestock insurance representative, Livestock feedlot operator, Livestock procurement, Animal geneticist.

5. Food Sciences

Students who have a degree in food sciences can contribute to agriculture in many ways.

Therefore, they can utilize their knowledge of chemistry and biology to grow food and also improve its quality.

These scientists work on the crops that are grown in the field by making them more edible. They do this by improvising the texture, flavor, appearance, and packaging.

Some Job Titles In This Field: Food manufacturing, Food chemist, Food product research and development, Food Microbiologist, Quality assurance, Food researcher.


We hope that you had a good read. We encourage all of you to read more on this, as careers in agriculture will be predominant and booming in the near future.


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