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Do plants talk to each other?

Do plants talk to each other? While plants don’t communicate in the way humans do with spoken language, interestingly they do engage in complex chemical signaling and interactions. Let’s understand this further with this example. The Giraffe – Acacia Tree relationship – it’s complicated! In the African Savannah, the lands barely have any vegetation. There are just […]

Vermicomposting – A fun DIY video for kids to try at home!

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle. Here is a fun little video to teach your kids Vermicomposting from the comfort of your home. Make some fun home videos while you are at it and share it with the Farmizen community too.

Farmizen Volunteers – Saee’s Journey

We are back with our second post from the series “Farmizen Volunteers”. Today, we want to talk about Saee Bapat and her journey as a Farmizen. About Saee Saae has been associated with Farmizen for a long time, and ardently practices organic farming. Her mantra of life is “To Stay Fit & To Stay Healthy”. […]
Farmizen volunteering program

Farmizen Volunteers – Venkat’s Journey

We at Farmizen believe in building an enriched farming community, where farming enthusiasts meet and share ideas to and support us in building a greener and healthier ecosystem. And that’s exactly why we at Farmizen have come up with the volunteering program. Through this, you can come visit the farm at your convenience and meet […]

Jobs in Agriculture

  Agriculture makes up a big chunk of Indian Business. The people involved in this sector are very well aware of what to produce and where to sell. There are various sectors in agriculture where the youth of today can find their potential future career. We are jotting down a few below. 1.Agricultural Communications This […]