Recipes of the cool cucumber

Cucumber is a light vegetable that has ninety percent of water content in it. It is a part of many dressings, sandwiches, refreshing coolers and warm soups. Before discussing the recipes of cucumber, we first want to talk about the health benefits that it provides.


Health Benefits Of Cucumber

  1. Cucumber’s hydrating and cooling properties help in rejuvenating dry skin
  2. It helps in weight loss and detoxification of the body as well.
  3. This veggie is a rich source of like manganese, Vitamin A and K, beta-carotene, magnesium, and phytonutrients.

Now, cucumber is not only healthy but super tasty as well. To explain this, we have a list of recipes of cucumber that you will surely relish.

Recipe 1

Kheere Ka Raita

This is a popular choice for so many of us! It takes just 10 minutes to prepare the raita. Read the recipe to understand.

Start the process by taking a bowl of curd, and add 1/2 finely chopped onion, 1/2 finely chopped cucumber and lemon juice (extracted from 1 lemon).

Now season this properly with salt to taste, 1/2 Tsp of chilli powder and a handful of coriander leaves. Mix it properly.

Your refreshing kheere ka raita is ready. Enjoy 🙂

Recipe 2

Virgin Cucumber Cooler

This is a refreshing drink suited best for summers. This invigorating drink can be made in a jiffy. Read the recipe below.

Start the process by taking 300gm fresh cucumber, 15ml lemon juice, 150gm crushed ice and mix all these ingredients well in a shaker.

Now pour it into a glass and add a little amount of soda.  Add a sprig of mint and basil for garnishing. Your cucumber drink with a minty flavour is ready to be served.

Recipe 3

Kheere Ke Pakode

Kheere ke pakode served with a cup of hot chai sounds just perfect for rainy season. Doesn’t it?

To know how to make these lip-smacking pakodas, read below!

Start the process by taking 1 cup of singhade ka atta in a bowl, 2 Tsp of rock salt, 1/2 Tsp coriander powder,1/2 Tsp chilli powder and 1 Tbsp of green chillies together along with enough water to mix thoroughly. Keep mixing until you get a thick consistency of the mixture

After this, heat oil(for deep frying) along with dipping the Kheera slices into the batter. Now put the slices in the hot oil and fry the kheera pieces covered with batter till they turn golden brown in colour.

Drain the excess oil on an absorbent paper and serve your kheere ke pakode along with coriander/tamarind chutney!

Cucumber Face Pack

We already discussed the benefits of cucumber for your skin. Here is a small video that teaches you to make cucumber facial pack at home.


With this, we have come to the end of the blog 🙂 We hope you liked the read!


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