Whole Food Plant Based Diet – Can you do it?

A Whole Food Plant Based diet is like veganism on steroids, on the face of it. There are many arguments about which diet is best for you but this one actually makes sense. This diet involves emphasizing fresh, whole ingredients and minimizing processed foods are superior for overall wellness. This means no cooking at all. Consume all ingredient raw to maximise nutrition intake from the food we eat.

The WFPB diet is not necessarily a set diet — it’s more of a lifestyle. I was inspired to try this diet while visiting Merwin and Regina at their farm – Savera Estate. Regina prepared each meal with ease, easily making 4-7 dishes with seasoned ease.

When I started getting greens from Farmizen tribes, I realised that it was a shame to waste such amazingly fresh nutrients by over cooking it and destroying the nutrition. So I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’m going to try and cook a WFPB diet for the rest of this week. Follow along with the recipes and follow me down this rabbit hole of healthier eating.

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