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How to choose the best oil for cooking

Unrefined oils are very popular today, whether we use them or not we hear about them all the time. Most areas in Bangalore will have shops with  wood oil press units selling non refined oils under various tags like cold pressed and wood pressed. In this blog lets dig around a bit into cooking oils […]

Honey, am I fake?

Honey could be man’s first and most reliable source of sweetener. References to honey date back to in 5500 B.C.E whereas jaggery and sugar are more recent at around 5,000 years.  Throughout history it has been used as sweetener, as a marinade, in medicines and as a natural lip balm, moisturizer, or cough remedy. So […]

Why do free range eggs spoil easily

I grew up on a commercial poultry farm and had a battery raised eggs my whole life. It’s only after joining farmizen that I had my first free range and naati chicken eggs.  Was there any difference in taste ? Yes, the free range and naati eggs had a certain distinct flavor compared to normal […]