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solar cooker

Solar cooker powered by Kalpit

We gaped for a while when we saw what Kalpit, one of our Farmizens was upto. Kalpit, along with his kids on an ordinary weekend made something extraordinary. He created an inexpensive solar cooker AT HOME. Isn’t that too cool?   We think what Kalpit did was sheer genius, and very thoughtful. Kalpit turned a lazy weekend […]

The Gastronomical Affair – Why we love healthy food?

We were pretty excited to write this blog. The Reason? Well, we interviewed 2 speech therapists who are die-hard foodies at heart and run a yummy food blog called “The Gastronomical Affair”. We are talking about Yaashna Rajani and Sanika Sawant. Food connoisseurs, avid travellers and brilliant therapists, these girls have set out on a journey […]

Farmizen Volunteers – Saee’s Journey

We are back with our second post from the series “Farmizen Volunteers”. Today, we want to talk about Saee Bapat and her journey as a Farmizen. About Saee Saae has been associated with Farmizen for a long time, and ardently practices organic farming. Her mantra of life is “To Stay Fit & To Stay Healthy”. […]

Rheea – Vegan, Dog-Mommy, Writer and Farmizen :)

Our Farmizens are a talented bunch of people :). And recently, we discovered that one of them is a great writer, with an appetite for “healthy food”. We want to talk about Rheea Mukherjee, who is a vegan, a dog-mommy and has an interesting blog called  “Messy Cooking, Always Vegan.” Here is a quick video of […]
Farmizen volunteering program

Farmizen Volunteers – Venkat’s Journey

We at Farmizen believe in building an enriched farming community, where farming enthusiasts meet and share ideas to and support us in building a greener and healthier ecosystem. And that’s exactly why we at Farmizen have come up with the volunteering program. Through this, you can come visit the farm at your convenience and meet […]
women's day

Women’s Day

World Without Women A world without women is unimaginable. Without women, the world will lack empathy and will be  just a hollow ball with no substance. Women are blessed with the powers to fill inevitable voids, jump over unforeseeable hurdles, and draw a thin line between decisions of mind and heart. Even nature is the […]

Decoupage Workshop

Who thought empty bottles can be used for decoration?  We didn’t until we came across the scintillating art of “bottle decoupage” On 18th February, our Blue Jamoon Farms were adorned with beautifully designed bottles made by our own Farmizens! We had a decoupage workshop, which was taken by Pallavi Sharma Pallavi has an interesting profile, […]
lego workshop at farmizen

LEGO Workshop

As children grow, they are constantly pushed to learn through “traditional” ways, ways where pen and paper prevail. However, there is another way that can help children strengthen their fundamentals of learning while being creative at the same time. The way is through “LEGO Building”. LEGO is a practical and an effective way of learning through […]