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The Surprising History Of Common Foods

Most of the vegetables we consume today, have surprising origins tied closely with the history of the world. Here are some interesting factoids you probably didn’t know. The humble potato A cuisine without potatoes is unimaginable today. However, if you turn back the clock just 80-90 years, people in some parts of India were just […]

Plant ID

Sometimes, when Farmizens receive harvests from our farms, and receive some bonus veggies from the common areas, we see questions in the chat groups – “Hey, what veggie is this – can you help me identify it ?”. So, we thought we will compile a list of veggies that we have seen consumers have trouble […]

Self-harvesting guidelines for Farmizens

We love it when you come to the farm and harvest your own produce. It’s highly recommended because – a. You get a better sense of growing status of each bed – at a more granular level than the app can update you on. b. You get some dirt under your fingernails – and this […]