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Of the Zombie fungus and its delicious relatives🍄

There’s a mushroom🍄 that is parasitic and can control the host’s mind, can even make it kill itself. If you’ve seen the hit HBO series – “The Last of Us”, you would know what I am talking about. Cordyceps militaris, the so-called “zombie fungus” is a real fungus that infects insects and ants and literally […]

Do plants talk to each other?

Do plants talk to each other? While plants don’t communicate in the way humans do with spoken language, interestingly they do engage in complex chemical signaling and interactions. Let’s understand this further with this example. The Giraffe – Acacia Tree relationship – it’s complicated! In the African Savannah, the lands barely have any vegetation. There are just […]

Making this miracle drink – ABC juice !

We are going to make this magic drink today – ABC juice, with organic fruits and vegetables from Farmizen. ABC = Apple + Beetroot + Carrot   Great tasting, easy to make AND super healthy.   5 reasons why ABC juice is called a miracle drink – https://www.thestatesman.com/lifestyle/5-reasons-abc-juice-called-miracle-drink-1503036665.html     2 medium carrots, 3 medium […]

Using Watermelon Rind

Most of us throw away the watermelon rind and just have the red portion inside. Did you know that the white portion of the water melon is edible and tasty too? And not just tasty – it is chock full of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. Just peel off the green skin if […]

Easy Apple Recipe – Apple Halwa

Ingredients: 1.5 cup grated apples 1.5 tablespoons ghee ¼ cup sugar – adjust based on your taste – you could also experiment with jaggery powder or coconut blossom sugar for a healthier option ÂĽ  teaspoon cinnamon powder ¼ teaspoon cardamom powder ⅛ teaspoon nutmeg powder (optional) slice almonds for garnishing Cooking time – 15 minutes. Preparation time – 10 minutes Wash the […]

Vermicomposting – A fun DIY video for kids to try at home!

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle. Here is a fun little video to teach your kids Vermicomposting from the comfort of your home. Make some fun home videos while you are at it and share it with the Farmizen community too.

Sankranti – A Village Festival

This Sankranti, come and celebrate Sankranti with us at four different Farmizen farms in Bangalore – on cards is kite flying, traditional cow pooja, and a lot more. And you can bring a picnic hamper along with you and do a picnic as well !   When ?  15th January 2019, Tuesday Where ? Kamadhenu […]


Read on to find out how you can get your Farmizen subscription for free ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At Farmizen, our mission is to get safe healthy chemical-free food to consumers, and increase farmer incomes.   The traditional farming model is focussed on optimising for price alone, ignoring other factors, especially the long term impact on our […]