Vegan Soy Milk Smoothie Recipe

This recipe is contributed by the founder of Health on Plants – Sweta Khandelwal.

This is another way to get all your micronutrients & greens in a morning breakfast. Once you are accustomed to it, this becomes a beautiful habit. Your body will thank you for this. I recommend a smoothie box (like a carton) which has small boxes all the dry ingredients so that it’s a no brainer on a busy morning.

You can buy Health on Plants Soy Milk on the Farmizen app. 


The ingredients are based on a single serving per person.

Plain soy milk 200 ml

Leafy green 100 grams

Flax seeds grounded – 1 spoon

Walnut 1

Almonds 5

Grounded Ginger or ginger root 1 spoon

Turmeric root (optional) ½ inch

Dates syrup OR Dates – 1 spoon

Banana OR Apple OR Pineapple OR Grapes

Spirulina OR Moringa powder – 1 spoon

Oats 60 grams (optional but highly recommended, this will get you going till your mid meals without any cravings)



Blend everything and its ready.


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