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Tangy Avocado Dip Recipe by Veganosaurus

Good ingredients inspire recipes. We love to show off when a member of the Farmizen community shows their appreciation towards the food the farmers grow with so much love. We recently listed a batch of avocados from Narayan Reddy’s farm. Inspired by the quality of the fruit this Farmizen subscriber – @veganosaurus has put together […]

Coco Lemon  Almond Muffins – Vegan Diaries

The foodie inside us is happy as a lark. Reason – Rheea has shared an appetizing recipe with us in our blog series “Vegan Diaries” This lemony recipe is light on the tummy and is as pleasant as it can get. Allow us to calm your curiosity. Here’s presenting the recipe in Rheea’s own words, Hello Farmizen […]

Rheea – Vegan, Dog-Mommy, Writer and Farmizen :)

Our Farmizens are a talented bunch of people :). And recently, we discovered that one of them is a great writer, with an appetite for “healthy food”. We want to talk about Rheea Mukherjee, who is a vegan, a dog-mommy and has an interesting blog called  “Messy Cooking, Always Vegan.” Here is a quick video of […]