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Benefits Of Cold Pressed Oils

Cold pressing is the method of oil extraction from oilseeds which may include sesame seed, sunflower seeds, canola, coconut or olive without really using heat to extract as that may degrade the oil’s flavour and nutritional quality. Cold pressing method is the process involving crushing seeds or nuts and forcing out the oil through pressure. […]

Oats and Soy Milk Porridge Recipe

This recipe is contributed by the founder of Health on Plants – Sweta Khandelwal. A lovely dose of antioxidants in your first meal sorts you out for the rest of the day !!! Rolled oats 50 grams Soy milk 200 ml(Buy Health On Plants Soy Milk on Farmizen) Dates syrup 1 spoon Fruit of your […]

Vegan Soy Milk Smoothie Recipe

This recipe is contributed by the founder of Health on Plants – Sweta Khandelwal. This is another way to get all your micronutrients & greens in a morning breakfast. Once you are accustomed to it, this becomes a beautiful habit. Your body will thank you for this. I recommend a smoothie box (like a carton) […]

Vegan Tofu Pancake Recipe

This recipe is contributed by the founder of Health on Plants – Sweta Khandelwal. Get your daily dose of greens. This is one of the best ways to serve greens to children. Ingredients Tofu oats pancake 200 grams plain tofu 50 grams coriander 100 grams of spinach 75 grams oats. Salt , pepper & lemon […]

Simple recipes for that fermented funkiness!

Things are starting to shift in the food world, or rather shifting back in time because are now starting to crave the funkiness – The fermented funkiness. Modern refrigeration techniques for preserving food are brand new in the grand scheme of things. Historically, people have been preserving food through fermentation for millennia. Here are a […]

How to eat healthy when you don’t live at home

One of the first things to take a hit when you move away from home is your diet. For many millenials, cooking is such a daunting task that they find it much easier to order in. The problem with that though, is that by playing the discount game on Swiggy and Zomato, you end up […]

What is A2 milk?

Of late the interest in A2 milk has been peaking with many brands around the country pushing the product hard. Honestly, I didn’t even know that there were different kinds of cow milk, so I set out to find out what exactly A2 milk is and why is it supposed to be good for you. […]

Farmizen Tribes Changed My Life

Understanding the effects of chemicals in our food is a bit like one of those things that once you know, you can’t help but notice it all the time. You can’t un-know the damage you are doing to your body. I found myself in a peculiar situation because, at the time, Farmizen didn’t deliver vegetables […]